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This is the place to educate yourself about the aftermarket exhausts available for your Elise/Exige/Evora!

I have been designing and building Stainless performance exhausts for over 32 years. The first one was for one of my own cars (naturally) - a Series One FHC E-type Jaguar - chassis no. 860668; where are you now? However, the Lotus world was more attractive to me - smaller and the owners were extremely enthusiastic. One of them even lent me their car for R&D on my first 111R exhaust design!

Previously, I had spent years building one-offs for every car and Supercar/SuperBike that came into the 'shop. From classic to modern, mundane to modified. I was also asked to repair exhausts built by the 'majors' in the UK market. I learned a lot from their mistakes!!

I had investigated the Lotus market and found the usual suspects peddling their usual wares - with the same mistakes. I knew I could make a difference - and I knew I would not be welcomed.

I am banned from some of the English-speaking Lotus forums. Seloc, The Lotus Forums, the American forum LotusTalk. Amazing that one man working in a 980sq/ft workshop in the North East of Scotland can generate such antipathy!

However, I do have thousands of happy customers on those forums who are more than happy to post their support.

Certain exhaust suppliers don't want 2bular as competition on their patch! In days gone by, an unhappy individual could post their grievance on a forum and the exposure to the 'community' would usually bring a satisfactory response. Sadly - the sponsors now run the forums and anything critical is deleted at their request. 

Only on HERE will you find out all the information that these people have suppressed or deleted. There's plenty of it. 



Master Craftsman in all exhaust systems

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