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04/12/2020: It's been a very busy time for me in this year of the pandemic. Sales have tripled most months and long hours needed in the 'shop to meet the increased demand. Mustn't grumble given what's been happening but looking forward to the holiday period.

I had someone sneering that I had moved on from bashing Hangar 111 to taking a pop at Larini Systems! I was advised to check their website and see their association with Parallel Motion! Must admit I burst out laughing at their brass neck yell  Back in the day, Parallel Motion were a big deal in the motorsport exhaust world. But the firm was dissolved nearly 20 years ago! The Larini directors have merely bought up an un-used business name and are parleying the Parallel Motion brand! To an ignorant bystander that looks impressive. To me, it looks desperate.

I will never tire of bashing Hangar 111 though smile  Even if Komo-Tec have removed their sole UK agency. Seems KTM have got the message too!



25/05/2020: Hangar 111: "We are pleased to announce that we are now able to install the Komo-Tec upgrade kits WITHOUT Komo-Tec manifolds for those who have already fitted their own aftermarket manifolds." tongue-out


22/05/2020: Larini don't offer Porsche exhausts because the firm who build their exhausts for them (Phoenix Performance Exhausts) has an exclusive contract with Cargraphics, an aftermarket tuning firm in Germany.

And what's the problem with that?! None. But the guy selling Larini exhausts to the Lotus aftermarket doesn't want you to know about it. Ask him anything about exhaust design and he's lost. And tbh - I just enjoy giving him a kick in the tea-towel holder  wink  I laughed at his assertion that the 400series factory exhausts use a 2.5" valve! Ignorance personified.

Oh - and any automotive exhaust manufacturer claiming they use 'aviation'grade' stainless steel? BULLSH*T! 'Aviation'grade' is not a nomenclature I'm familiar with.


20/05/2020: Always informative dealing with some TLF members complaining to me about Greg Lock (Managing Director of Hangar 111 Ltd) putting pressure on them to delete their posts criticising his 'business'. Is Hangar 111 Ltd still the UK agent for Komo-Tec GmbH?  Watch this space! I'm a little bit busy at the moment but I need to update my observations on that particular forum and some of its inhabitants. 'Toxic Ludicrous Fuds'? 'Tepid. Lukewarm. Flaccid.'

Great to see the number of hits on this site increasing mightily! The Lotus community learning some 'stuff' the forum moderators delete as their lords and masters (sponsors!) panic. btw - why don't Larini build/sell Porsche exhausts? I will answer that question tomorrow!



21/02/2020:   S.E.L.O.C. - Smelly Excrement Leaking Out Constantly. That did make me laugh but the other one was a bit too risque. laughing  Any more?  Variations on 'The Lunatic Fringe'?  LotusTripe?


19/02/2020: What do I have against Dave Abbott (Tigerdriver) on the Seloc forum? Hmm - where to start. Here's my side (if you're interested - yawn).

Some members asked him why I was banned. He replied I had been warned repeatedly about advertising - LIAR. Having posted on Seloc for years I was always conscious that I could be accused of advertising. I had applied for advertiser/sponsor status. Mr Abbott e-mailed me the rates and we settled on a deal. I asked for bank details to transfer funds. Nothing. Time moves on and ........... nothing. Eventually I contacted him and was airily informed that I had cancelled. Errm, no I didn't. "Yes you did!" No - I didn't. Is this guy for real? He's not half as funny as his brother Russ. Further probing elicited the information that I had phoned to cancel. Who told you that? No reply - and no reply to any further questioning. Ok - so Seloc have never wanted me on there. Big deal and who cares? However, I don't want Mr Abbott posting lies about me or my business. That particular colon has now been irrigated anyway with his resignation as moderator and director and I hope that place smells better now.


14/02/2020:  Happy Valentine's day from Mr Valentine!  kiss tongue-out cool


31/12/2019: The end of another busy year! Demand for 2bular exhausts has been incredible. Looking ahead to the 20's it will be more of the same - quality products with class-leading performance gains and a couple of exciting projects using lightweight/exotic materials. Lotus Elise/Exige/Evora owners know this website will give you all the information and guidance you need when thinking about a new exhaust for your car. Seloc/TLF - and the American LotusTalk forums? not so much.




10/11/2019: Very glad to note that 5-time winner Seloc 'Onanist of the Year' award, Dave Abbott (tigerdriver) has brought his time as a 'moderator' on there to a satisfactory climax. I was told 'he didn't do himself any favours!" Resigned his directorship of the company too. Happy days!


17/10/2019: Thank you for the many messages of congratulations on entering our 15th year supplying Lotus exhausts!

To the detractors calling the information on this site 'mud-slinging' I say 'tough' tongue-out  you think Seloc or TLF will give you any information or guidance on exhausts? And that's all I'm interested in! I recall the risible 'Bibs' saying when I joined TLF as a sponsor 'eww - it will be great to have someone who knows about exhausts on the forum' - I could only smile as I could see he already had Hangar 111 and Elise-Shop on there yell


 29/09/2019: Joe Taylor doing really well! http://joetaylorracing.com/  RRR Engineering compared different aftermarket exhausts before fitting 2bular to Joe's 220Cup. If you ask them, they recommend 2bular exhausts to their ECU customers. A formidable combination for drivers looking for best performance from their car on Road or Track. Hangar 111 were so upset - made my day wink


01/08/2019: Entering the 15th year of designing and building my own exhausts exclusively for the Lotus Elise/Exige/Evora platforms! 


21/07/2019: I'm very pleased with the demand for my exhausts but kind of hoping that things quieten down a little so I can spend some time this summer with my family! Surely, there can't be that many Lotus cars still needing a 2bular exhaust! cool


30/06/2019: Must admit to a heaving belly-laugh at the clowns on TLF. Ref the thread on "exhaust pipes differ in color". If you have a front-engined install the exhaust run through to the tailpipes is near enough straight back. Twin Titanium tips will have the same coloration. The hue depending on the HEAT they are dealing with. Lighter blue - hotter the pipe. However, on the Lotus V6 mid-engined install, the pipe run approaches the tailpipes from the right (looking from the rear of the car). So the LH tailpipe sees more of the gas-flow - hence the "differing color". You'll see it on the Titanuim tips fitted to the old Lotus Sport exhaust on early N/A cars. Can't remember anyone complaining about them then. What made me laugh were the comments/advice from the TLF 'experts'. "Batteries/tin-foil/sugar!????"  "Blowtorch!"  "Send them back!"  Ignorance rules on there - but it is entertaining.


29/06/2019:   I have clients with the full 2bular system fitted to their cars working with this firm to develop their stand-alone ECU's. I've never been convinced of re-flashes/re-tunes. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't! Better to get rid of the factory ECU and have complete control with this stand-alone P'n P ECU.

Joe Taylor - 220Cup -  chose the full 2bular kit for his racecar. Working with RRR Engineering to develop their stand-alone ECU he has achieved excellent results and with a noise-compliant exhaust fitted.

Only chocolate wheel studs prevented a better performance -  but the potential is there.

Another client with a 260Cup (not many of those around!) running the full big-bore manifold + SDCP  - tuning by RRR Eng - has achieved close to 300bhp.

Supercharged V6 fitted with the 2bular EPK -  and lightweight system will be on the RRR dyno very soon.


17/03/2019: Brexit. Causing some panic with my EU customers awaiting their orders. The Germans seem to be very calm though - they think Mutti will sort it all out - hope so!

Never been busier and it's right across the board, from S1 K-series to Exige 430's. Only 2bular covers the whole market and only 2bular has FIVE different 70mm systems for the supercharged V6 installs. From LOUD to the QP (Quiet Performance) systems.

2bular and the Seloc and TLF forums; forums are just another form of social media these days. Long gone the reliable source of information with the community feel. Nowadays, I've seen a moderator on Seloc telling lies about me and posting defamatory comments about my business - that's the Seloc that I know!

TLF has a moderator (see a pattern developing?) stating that 2bular is sh*t. The owner Mr Andrew Betts (Bibs) isn't interested in abiding by his own Terms & Conditions. He's happy for anyone to post derogatory and defamatory comments about 2bular. I guess he needs the traffic. His statement that I'm "not banned at all" is mendacious. I certainly cannot post on TLF - that's a ban in my book. Anyway - I have many supporters in the Lotus World. I advise them to avoid posting in my defence - not worth the hassle. Best to find your car's Facebook page and keep in touch with like-minded owners that way.




24/12/2018: Phew - what an end to the year! Very, very hectic. Never enough hours in the day. I usually ship 70% of my production overseas but this last quarter was 70% to UK owners! Been 'no-platformed' by the Seloc alpha bell-ends so it's not forum advertising. Maybe Absolute Lotus magazine has been the difference (it's a good read!) or maybe I just design/build better exhausts than the rest ;-)



Another supercharged V6 destroys its UTC's (Ultra Thin Catalysers) in the factory manifolds (headers). I admit my tongue was firmly in cheek when I brought out the Engine Protection Kit a few years ago - but as V6 power outputs increase with every new model - these kits are becoming ESSENTIAL. Haven't heard of any problems on the N/A motors though. Lower level of stress on these installs - unless you're on Track!



A LOT of 2bular V6 exhausts heading across the pond to the USA this month! Comforting to know that some owners in that part of the World know the difference between V6 N/A and Supercharged exhaust demands. I have supplied enlightened owners over there previously but those numbers are going to increase dramatically.

Check out the V6 comparison page for guidance/information on the exhausts. Still a lot to update there but you can never have too much information.















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